Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea Weight Loss Facts

As you can see on our green tea weight loss study page, consuming green tea has been proven to be a very effective way to suppress your appetite and lose unwanted pounds. The powerful antioxidants in green tea, also known as EGCG catechins, are what make all the difference over other weight loss pills, powders and supplements.

The high level of EGCG catechins in green tea increases your metabolism, which increases your energy level and fat burning ability - even while you sleep. The EGCG catechins also help block fat absorption by your body. In fact, the Chinese have been using green tea for over 3,000 years to maintain and lose weight.

These EGCG antioxidants also boost your immune system, which helps protect you from diseases, as well as improving your skin and slowing the aging process.

Can Green Tea Really Help You Lose Weight?
Yes, but only if you drank 100 cups a day or took one organic green tea weight loss pill a day.
The green tea extract in these pills has been proven to be the most effective route for losing weight and suppressing your appetite.

How To Choose A Good Green Tea Extract

Unfortunately, not all green tea extracts are created equal. Some use high quality green tea extract (which is what you want), but then load the pills, powders or supplements with junk ingredients that may in fact do more harm than good. Please review our green tea weight loss study page to learn more.

Ideally, what you'll want to know before committing to any green tea extract is how many milligrams of green tea extract it contains per pill and what is the quality level of the green tea extract they used.

While determining the milligram level is as easy as looking on the back of the bottle, determining the quality of the green tea extract is only possible by sending the product to an independent lab for testing.

This used to be very cost prohibitive, but thanks to the abundance of new testing labs that have popped up over the last 5 years, competitive pressures have forced prices down from the thousands to hundreds to test each green tea pill.

We've gone ahead and tested the Top 20 Green Tea Extracts over the last two years to determine which ones have the highest quality green tea extract and have published our results below.

Once we learned which green tea pills had the highest quality green tea extract, we cross referenced them with the ones that had the highest green tea extract EGCG levels (I.E. 300 mg, 500 mg, etc.), to come up with our Top 3 Best Green Tea Extracts.

We then took 30 overweight people and divided them into 3 groups of people with the same physical state. We then put group one on green tea extract #1, group two on green tea extract #2 and group three on green tea extract #3. We then changed the order in month 2 and again in month 3. After 3 months, we combined the results of all groups and put them in the green tea extract reviews below.

Please be sure to send us your weight loss story after you try them so we can share your success with our website visitors.


Top 3 Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

Our Top Choice
Lipsom Green Tea
5/5 StarStarStarStarStar  
Lipsom Green Tea

We've rated this green tea extract #1 and the data below shows why. It has the highest level of EGCG (metabolism booster / fat burner) available on the market, which is why our green tea weight loss study users shed the most pounds the fastest out of any other green tea extracts we tested. In addition, our lab test results showed it had the highest quality green tea extract as well.

  • Green Tea Extract Quality: 5/5 (98% pure)
  • EGCG Levels: 5/5 (500 mg)
  • Weight Loss Rating: 5/5 (average 22 pounds lost)
  • Speed of Results: 5/5 (see results w/in 2 weeks)
  • Energy Boosting: 5/5
  • Appetite Suppression: 5/5

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Our Second Choice:
Green Tea Purity
4/5 StarStarStarStarStar  
Green Tea Purity

A close second is Green Tea Purity, which is currently regarded as 'America's #1 Selling Weight Loss Product'. It had the second highest levels of green tea extract quality and the second best EGCG levels (metabolism booster / fat burner).

  • Green Tea Extract Quality: 4/5 (93% pure)
  • EGCG Levels: 4/5 (375 mg)
  • Weight Loss Rating: 4/5 (average 18 pounds lost)
  • Speed of Results: 5/5 (see results w/in 2 weeks)
  • Energy Boosting: 3/5
  • Appetite Suppression: 4/5

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Our Third Choice:
Exact Green Tea
3/5 StarStarStarStarStar  
Exact Green Tea

Coming in at #3 is Exact Green Tea. While it may seem that it is not as good as the two above, our tests show that it is still more effective than anything else you'll find on the market.

  • Green Tea Extract Quality: 4/5 (89% pure)
  • EGCG Levels: 3/5 (355 mg)
  • Weight Loss Rating: 3/5 (average 16 pounds lost)
  • Speed of Results: 3/5 (see results w/in 3 weeks)
  • Energy Boosting: 2/5
  • Appetite Suppression: 3/5

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